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Would you like to raise a COVID-19 TIP JAR relief fund for the staff of your establishment? We full-heartedly understand how many of our fellow industry folks live off of tips, and we'd like to help!

If you'd like to add a TIP JAR section on behalf of your hard working staff at your bar or restaurant, please send the following information to for your TIP JAR to be added below. *Please include the name of your establishment in the subject line. 

(Note: this is not location specific to the Bay Area, CA at this time. Currently accepting TIP JAR's for any location!) :


1) Name and location of establishment and your current position.

2) 3-5 pictures of either your establishment logo, and/or of your friendly staff.

3) A link to where you'd like donations to your TIP JAR to go. (ex. venmo, paypal, cashapp, etc.) 

Upon receiveing your information, your TIP JAR post will be added to this page within 24-48 hours. 

Establishment TIP JAR posts will be free of charge because we firmly believe that team work makes dreams work, and now more then ever we need to unite our communities and create action! 

Sending an abundance of positive vibes, great health, love, and blessings from our family to yours through these rough times of life!

In Community,

SomaR Bar

Oakland, CA

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